"Fans of Night in the Woods or Oxenfree .. this text adventure is for you."

Hiro and his talking cat encounter a floating pixel. 

NOTE: Hiro and Catt episodes all use a time dilation mechanic. Meaning if it seems the story has ended it may have just paused. Be patient and something will happen eventually.

Development log


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Special thanks to all the new people that showed up in the last couple of days to play this episode. Bookmark or follow the page (or my profile) as i'll be posting updates on Episode 2 in March!


really cute! there are a few text errors here and there but overall I really enjoyed this short little game and I look forward to the next episode!

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Hey thanks! Excited to build on what gets started in this episode. Also i'll comb through this episode for text errors .. thanks for pointing that out. 

Quick thanks for checking out my game, and some info on my plans for it this year.

Working on cleaning up some of the spacing and modifying it to be a white background with dark text. After these updates i'll start work on Episode 2.